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Keeping Your Pet Looking & Feeling Their Best

At Ludworth Kennels of Westchester, we not only care for your animal, but also groom them. Our team in Hastings On Hudson, New York, use the right pet grooming techniques to style dogs, cats, and other animals. We provide several types of services. From completing cat and dog haircuts to trimming nails, we do it all. Our pet care specialists will keep your animal clean and beautiful.

Dog's Laying On Grass

Custom Grooming Services

We understand that each animal has different grooming needs. This is why we have many services to choose from. Our professionals are fully capable of cutting your pet’s nails, washing their fur, and completing other tasks. Each of our groomers has an eye for detail. Your pet will be pampered and given the attention they deserve.

Help from Mother Nature

To help furry animals improve the look of their coats, we’ll let them spend plenty of time outdoors. We understand that many pets stay indoors for long periods of time because their owners work. This can expose them to dry heat and lower their energy level.

By bringing your pet to our boarding location, their mood and overall look will change after a few days. Your friend will get the fresh air, exercise, and socialization they need.

Budget-Friendly Prices

Pay an affordable fee to have your animal friend groomed. Our prices start at a low $40. Depending on your animal’s breed, size, and hair length, the price may increase. However, we will make sure your charge is reasonable.